We are John & Judy – c. 1963

For along time I wondered what I would do with this Blog Space and I decided that as I only pass this way once that I would share my experience. So as many people spend much time tracing backwards the family tree where they belong to its root , I decided I would describe the existance of this single limb. So read this work in progress, and get a glimpse of the structure of this single limb of our tree, in a never ending array of trees, in this living forest …………….

Welcome to The Log Cabin on Anglin Road – Come, sit a spell, and enjoy the view through my window – Home Sweet Home
We live in a log cabin east of Griffin , Georgia in Eastern Spalding County. We enjoy the outdoors. We have two children, Janice and Nathan,  and two grandchildren, John and Ethan . Three dogs Blackberry, and Daisy and Magnum. We are members of the Westside Church of Christ
Interests include Church, Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Shooting Handguns, Hiking and Judy loves to Sew/quilt/Knit, and enjoys painting pictures. We have camped over most of the state from the North Georgia Mountains to the Georgia Seacoast. Some of our favorite places are Jekyll Island , Sapelo Island, Cumberland Island, Cloudland Canyon state park, Vogel State Park, Black Rock Mountain State park, and Hiking the AT, well you get the picture.
A favorite Spring and Fall place to visit is Callaway Gardens. It is a great place to picnic and roam. They have everything from Flowers to Birds of Prey and Butterflies.
A favorite city to visit is Savannah Georgia, and Tybee Island, Brunswick with its Live Oak lined streets , Court House with old Live Oaks and Azaleas, Jekyll Island and The Golden Isles, Albany with is Animal Park.
The Hawaiian Islands, The North Georgia Mountains.
Here is some Georgia Information
Here is some Ohio Information
Here is some New Hampshire Information
We have camped in the following states: Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., New York, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire,North Carolina, and Vermont.

The header Photos are those taken by me at Callaway Gardens, Jekyll Island, and of my Truck/Camper in 2010, and the Cabin
The picture for Family Activities was received via email and the author is unknown

I use the following camping forums:


Southeast Pop-up Campers

Georgia State Parks

11 responses to “We are John & Judy – c. 1963

  1. Jekyll Island has still got to be my favorite!

  2. Nice header photo! I haven’t been down to Callaway for a while, but really like the gardens.


  3. Claire

    This is great, John. Thanks for sharing it with me. I have been to Savannah twice and it is my second favorite city in the world. My first Barcelona Spain. Since I don’t speak Spanish, someday before I die I want to move to Savannah.

  4. when you do I’ll bring the donuts !!!!

  5. Hey, guys, Dave Richey from Michigan responding. I love Georgia, and have fished a big but hunted deer and quail east of Atlanta on a number of occasions. It (Georgia) and parts of Alabama are among my favorite places to hunt. I enjoyed reading your homey observations. I’ve been writing daily blogs for eight years, and like to read your stuff. Keep up the good work. — Dave Richey

  6. John-Judy:

    This man (Stan Lievense) was a legend in his own time. He did more great things for Michigan’s fishing in lakes and streams than most of all the other fish biologists in the last 45 years. We’ve caught lots of fish, lost some. were inducted into the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame, and had lots of laughs. His cancer finally caught up with him. We were pals even though he was 21 years older than me, and keeping up with him wasn’t always easy/ We enjoyed each other’s company several times a year, and he was one of my go-to guys during my magazine freelancing career. One thing I didn’t mention in last night’s story was that Stan was the only person who never said “hello” or “good-bye) on the telephone. If he called, he’d start talking when I answered the phone, and when he finished talking, he hung up. He didn’t believe in wasting time with greetings or saying good-bye. I’m glad you liked the piece. Best regards. — Dave Richey

  7. John-Judy:

    We get the occasional tornado, but you guys seem to be dancing all summer trying to stay out of the way of those nasty hurricane. It’s a good thing we don’t get hurricanes of Lakes Huron or Michigan, but we often get water spouts (tornadoes over water) and they are interesting to watch, and the key word here is watch. If they move your way, one best get on the stick and leave fast. Never been through one but have had several close calls. Best regards — Dave Richey

  8. John”

    I thank you for your praise about my father’s passing and about my hard-nosed gran’pa. It was an easy one to write, but doing so brought out other good memories. I’m happy to see you writing a blog, and am envious of the beautiful flowers at the top of your page. Good images mean a great deal when it comes to pushing a blog out in front of people.I wish you success in your blogs. I’m well into my seventh year of blogging, and other than the occasional “crash,” I enjoy putting my photography and words out for others to read. If they enjoy it, a note like yours is nice. Best regards. — David Richey

  9. Hey, Guys:

    Thanks for checking out my fishing-hunting blogs from Michigan, and thanks for commenting. I hope you had a good Thanksgiving, and are looking forward to the joys of the Christmas season. I enjoy your flower photos very much. I’m buying some turkey hunting books if you know anyone who has some they wish to sell. — Dave Richey

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